Guide for Brazilians in Victoria


The Guide for Brazilians in Victoria, Australia was developed in collaboration with several volunteer members in 2015 and 2016.

The material was divided in three chapters, organised by topics and areas of interest:

– Consular Matters – offers information about types of visa and how to obtain them, as well as local labour laws regarding immigration, taxation, consular and legal obligations regarding the Brazilian government.

– Right to Health – lists the benefits and services offered to Brazilian immigrants, including Medicare, public health service, Centrelink, social programs and information regarding special needs, social services and support programs for drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. It also lists doctors who speak Portuguese practising in Victoria.

– Education – offers a general view of education in Victoria, including primary and secondary education, universities and technical schools, with links and information regarding scholarships, as well as English and Portuguese courses.

Click here to access the Guide for Brazilians in Victoria. (Portuguese content only)

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